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My name is Corey Sherman.

I've been a creator my whole life, and have had a camera in my hand for the better part of 16 years.

I've been shooting RE Photography since 2018, and have stayed on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest way to make listings stand out.

When i'm not taking photos, I like to hike with my German Shepherd, Mia, and my wife Katherine, and explore new places to get a good coffee.


My Quality Guarantee

I personally guarantee, as your real estate photographer, that I will work to deliver the highest quality media for your specific property, no matter the size or value of the property, that I am capable of.

Professional, high quality media is not just for mansions and houses that belong in magazines. If anything, the smallest, most average houses need it even more.

These homes are still someone's most valuable property, and deserve a professional with skill, knowledge, and experience, showcasing them in the best possible light, to aid your clients in getting the best offer.

I'm here to assure you that no matter the condition, square footage, or location of your listing-we're going to make it stand out amongst the noise. A property's first impression isn't at the open house- it's online.

Don't let your listing fall flat because of something this easy. Book today, and boost your listing to the forefront.

Make your listing stand out amongst the noise.

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