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Real Estate Photography
For Your Listing


Phenomenal Listings Begin with Outstanding Presentation

Buyers are attending their first open house in a new way-online. Before even deciding if they want to visit a property in person, 99% of home buyers view photos and media of a house online before going to look in person or making an offer. Make your listing stand out amongst the noise, with an excellent online presentation for maximum impact.

Use the slider to see a quick, one shot, unedited photo - compared with high quality, multi-frame flambient photography.

Why  Use Professional Media for Real Estate?

These days, anyone can pull out their smartphone and take a quick picture.  A lot of people can even buy an expensive  camera and snap a photo. But hiring a professional with years of experience specifically shooting Real Estate means your listing is going to stand out. It means no more pixelated, poorly angled, dimly lit, discolored photos. It means no more blown out windows, sharp highlights and dark shadows.


The most successful real estate agents know how to delegate work to the people best suited-so they can give their clients the best possible experience- and the best possible offers.   

Why Choose Corey Sherman Photo

Highest Quality

I deliver the highest quality real estate media, satisfying you, your clients- and enticing potential buyers.

24 Hr Turnaround

Turn around time is always 24 business hours, to get your listing up and running in no time.

Excellent Pricing

My pricing is competitive, especially for the quality of product I bring.
Contact Us for a pricing guide.

Easy Scheduling

Scheduling a photoshoot with me is simple, easy, and can be done in minutes right from your phone.

Let's Discuss 
Your Next Project

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get a free pricing quote for your next listing.

Service Areas:

Rhode Island, East Connecticut, and Southern Massachusetts.

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